Anime games for Android, suitable for streaming

Anime games for Android, suitable for streaming

November 22, 2018 Off By GameReview

Lokking for anime games that would help boosting your streaming career ? Here are a few Android games that you can easily stream and are good to watch on a stream.

Fate/Grand Order is from the massive and popular Fate anime. It’s a fairly standard gacha mobile RPG. You collect some of the massive cast of characters from the long-running series and do battle against the bad guys. It features a story mode, online PvP, and it’s fairly friendly for F2P (free to play) players. Most of the cast is fully voiced as well. We appreciate those little touches. Of course, it does have the same pitfalls as any mobile gacha. There is a ton of grinding, a little luck, and some corny dialog involved. However, The Fate series itself is much the same way. Plus, this is one of the few mobile RPGs that plays in landscape mode. More space is a good thing.

Few more entries from my favorite anime gaming news website :

Grancrest War: Quartet Conflict is part of the new wave of of anime games. It got an anime and a mobile game in the same year (2018). There is also a light novel series, a manga, and even a tabletop game. The mobile game is a fairly standard hack-and-slash RPG. You won’t find anything too out of the ordinary here. There are missions and quests, various character classes, and plenty of loot. You can change characters in real-time mid-combat if you want to. There are some light gacha elements as well. It’s a fun game overall, especially for fans of the manga and anime. However, it’s only about average for its genre overall.

One Piece Treasure Cruise is a gacha adventure game with gacha and RPG elements. You’ve definitely played a game like this before. It features over 1,000 characters from the anime as well as huge portions of the anime’s actual story line. The combat is a simple tap system so nothing too exciting there. It is effective for the style of game, though. It’s a relatively above average game in the gacha category. There are some recent updates that have introduced a few bugs. However, we expect those to get patched over time. It’s a good anime game.

RWBY: Amity Arena is a dueling game similar in premise to games like Hearthstone, Clash Royale, and Badland Brawl. Players collect cards, build decks, and battle those decks against other players. It also has some MOBA elements. You must destroy your opponent’s buildings before they destroy yours. In any case, this is strikingly different from the usual gacha RPG style that most anime games use. The matchmaking could use some more balance, though. Do beware of that as you progress through the game. Also, there is a debate about whether RWBY is an anime, but we’re not here to be all pedantic. It’s a fun game.