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Make sure you perform this installation on a clean area so the mat and your diploma will not be dirty.

Diploma Insertion: 4 Easy Steps

1. With a standard screwdriver, bend up the flex-points on the back.

2. Remove the backing and the mat board (you may have to push up from the glass side of the display to get the backing to come free).

3. Place your diploma face down. Insert your diploma by inserting the four corners of your diploma into the clear photo corner slots. If needed, you may use tape to secure your diploma to the matboard.

4. Reinstall the mat making sure the glass and matting is clean, replace the backing into the frame and press the flex-points down to reassemble.

Graduation Tassel Insertion: 1 Easy Step


1. Peel off the double sided brown tape from the matboard and place your tassel on the sticky tape.

We hope you will enjoy displaying your diploma.


Because a satisfied customer is the best advertising, we’d appreciate it if you would share your thoughts about our exquisite frames with your friends…and others that might be interested in one of our displays.

Thanks again for your purchase.

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