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June 29, 2019 Off By GameReview

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Arvi “Hempuli” Teikari’s new 2D puzzler follows four simple rules: Baba Is You, Flag Is Win, Wall Is Stop, and Rock Is Push. As the baba — an adorable bunny-like creature — the objective is to push aside rocks and touch the flag to complete a level. That is, until you realize every word on the screen is a movable tile and you can modify each of the cardinal rules to complete a puzzle in an entirely different way. It’s a mechanic that can become brutally difficult in mere seconds, but the ability to modify and remix larger X and Y statements is what makes Baba Is You an addictive timesink. It’s a puzzle game within a puzzle game and one that will gut-check your preconceptions about the genre.

A Plague Tale: Innocence might not set your world on fire, but it damn sure will make you seriously think about your relationship with your siblings. Telling the tale of the teenage Amicia and her toddler brother Hugo as they flee from the Inquisition and man-eating rats, it’s gritty as hell and doesn’t pull many punches, with one-hit deaths that really makes you feel like Amicia is being put through the wringer as there’s not much room for error. Although you don’t really get the quiet moments that the game really needs to make Hugo and Amicia stand out as siblings, it’s a great chill Sunday evening game to play thanks to its linear structure and relatively easy puzzle-based gameplay. See more info at Best Gaming Hardware.

“The new God of War from Santa Monica Studio is a masterful reinvention of a now-classic PlayStation series and, primarily, its lead character. Kratos went from being a killing machine driven solely by rage in previous games, to, well, a killing machine driven by paternal instinct and a promise made to his deceased wife. But even without being compared to his former self, Kratos’ newfound sensitivity and self-awareness are as effective as they are because of how well the character and his journey are executed in general. For fans, it’s great to witness the character’s pivot from yesteryear’s action darling to today’s loving father figure in disguise, but Kratos and the game he leads are simply excellent on their own terms.”

What’s this? A licensed game? It’s true… and not the only one on this list, even. While Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom might not have been the most memorable of big-screen blockbusters, Jurassic World Evolution is one properly engrossing game – and a smart use of the beloved property. It’s a park-builder, of course, and not the first one of these in the franchise – but Evolution does a great job of capturing the nostalgia of the original Jurassic Park with the familiar soundtrack and beautifully-rendered dinos. Balancing all the needs of your park (like security, ahem) and unlocking new inhabitants is entertaining, and the unlockable sandbox mode offers a nicely relaxing comedown once you’ve proven that you can run a dinosaur zoo right. You know, unlike those idiots from the flicks. See more info at