Mini Militia Guide

Mini Militia Guide

December 16, 2018 Off By GameReview

Mini Militia is a side-scrolling shooter where the idea is to kill your friends as many times as possible with the wide array of guns available. You have a jetpack with limited fuel that replenishes and there are pickups available all over the maps.

The game is incredibly fast paced so you’ll have to be on your toes at all times. One thing to remember is that you won’t be good straight away. In fact, you will be terrible. Dexterity comes with practice and that practice can be hugely rewarding when you have the bragging rights in your group. It’s a game that’s easy to play but difficult to master. If you have a long break between classes, Mini Militia is a great way to pass the time.

Best Mini Militia Hack. This Mini Militia mod features a varied set of enhancements over the original apk which are mentioned in the list below. Once this APK is installed with right permissions to operate on a player’s phone, it can improve experience level and increase battle points very quickly. Once you start collecting points and reach a threshold of 5000 battle points, you can reorganize the APK to have Pro Pack features in it.

Installing this hack is no big deal. You just have to take care of a few things like installation requirements, updating procedure and changing a few game settings to enable mod features. Rest is just a cakewalk.

Always equip yourself with two different guns so that you can gain advantage when an opponent tries to shoot you down. Prefer to have a sniper, shotgun and a rocket launcher that can help you at the most crucial times.

When there are more than two or three opponents trying to attack you at the same time, let them make their first move, so that you can act according to them.

If you are in a close range with the opponent, then make use of the melee attack, also known as the punch to get them down.

Commit suicide only if you are not able to find a way to get out from enemies trap. If you are randomly committing suicide in the gameplay, then you are about to lose some precious points for no reasons.

The following are some of the working tips that you can follow up to rank high in the battle field.

Whenever you are low in terms of health level, never ever make use of any kind of weapons, which includes pistol too. Rest until the health level reaches to a noticeable level and then attack the enemy.

Always remember to make good use of two double guns during the gameplay. This type of using double guns can eventually rank you up.

Lower the shield when the bomb is being thrown at you could save one’s life.

Mini Militia Unlimited Bomb Hack. You will get to throw as many of these undermentioned bombs by using this hack.

– Grenades: Pull out the pin and throw them quickly and boom! Your rivalry on the floor in pieces.
– Green gas bombs: These bombs spread toxic chemicals in the air that instantly kills the opponent.
– Sensor Bombs or Proximity Mines or Timer Bombs: These bombs stick to objects around it like walls or floor, once another doodle gets near them they explode. One important thing to remember about sensor mines in Mini Militia is that they disappear after 1 minute of implantation if they do not get exploded.

Place the poison grenade (green grenade) in the place where the opponents would spawn that will kill the opponent automatically.