Playstation ROM’s

Playstation ROM’s

April 17, 2020 Off By GameReview

Looking for Nintendo 64 ROMs & Emulators? Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Sega’s spiny speed merchant proved himself a worthy rival to Nintendo’s Mario with his Mega Drive debut. Yet it was the spectacular loops, corkscrews and clever environmental tricks in the follow-up that proved his makers carried the same swagger. With co-op partner Tails in tow (whose real name, Miles Prower, is one of gaming’s best dreadful puns) this blistering adventure was one of the finest two-player games of the 16-bit era and still leaves many of the modern Sonic games for dust.

Have the sticks on the new Nintendo Switch Lite Joy-Con controllers been upgraded? One of the biggest questions with the Nintendo Switch Lite has been whether or not the Joy-Con sticks have been upgraded in any way to address the drift issues. Sticks on the Nintendo Switch are known to suffer from this issue, which causes the sticks to continue to register an action after the sticks are released. After two tear down videos, it appears the Nintendo Switch Lite Controllers are largely unchanged. In one video from YouTube channel Span Wave, it appears the sticks have the same construction and design in the original However, in another video from YouTube channel The Retro Future ( it appears the new Nintendo Switch Lite Joy-Con controllers do have a new design, specifically in the metal casing for the sticks. Hopefully, this is enough to address the drifting issues in the Joy-Con controllers for the Nintendo Switch Lite.

Thanks to the ever-growing popularity of retro gaming, various options are now available to accommodate those who own old titles and wish to emulate them legally. Many companies have emerged over the years that have taken a different approach to consolized emulation. The likes of Hyperkin have created hardware that is able to use original game cartridges for various systems, enhanced additional features. Explore a few extra info on GBA ROMs.

X-COM is a game I am terrible at. I don’t last very long in this game, but I love it to pieces anyway. If you like strategy games in any shape or form, chances are you have X-COM to thank. It’s a turn based game where you have to build up your forces and save the earth from aliens. It sounds incredibly basic, but there’s a reason why IGN said this is the best computer game of all time. X-COM is just addicting, I can’t really describe it, but there’s just so many different options you can use to fight the UFO horde that it never gets old. The best part of the game is leveling up your soldiers and becoming attached to them… which makes it all the more heart wrenching when they die in battle and don’t come back. This game would have scored much higher if I were not so bad at it.

Retro-Bit stumbled off the blocks a bit with 2016’s Generations, a much (and deservedly so) maligned attempt to create a foothold in the retro emulation market. Their follow-up seems to have taken the criticism fully onboard, however, with marked improvements in the quality of emulation and a great library. The console itself is a combination of slick and bright and boxy and functional, a vivid white shell slashed with bright red that’s shaped like a brick and lacks contours or much other visual flair. The feature set is a similar mesh of design philosophies; 720p video output as well RCA for connecting to older CRTs, two sturdy, no frills controller with nice ten foot cables, and other solid features matched with a deep, flashy library of 90 games that represent a huge, eclectic swath of 8 and 16 bit classic, including some games that have never been available domestically. Alongside classics like Mega Man and Ghosts N’ Goblins are some lesser known but excellent coin-op titles like Side Arms and Wizard Fire. The Retro-cade is a great addition to any retro collection and a convincing argument for Retro-bit staking out a permanent position in the retro console market. Discover even more details at